Dimethyltryptamine, the Jesus Drug

Oh, and that ripping sound? It’s also a feature of UFO experiences.

In 1990, Rick Strassman injected 60 people with 400 doses of the illegal drug dimethyltryptamine. But Strassman wasn’t breaking any law—he was the first federally approved researcher in 20 years to study the effect of a psychedelic on human subjects.

Here is one more weird thing about DMT—you’re on it right now

Dimethyltryptamine—known as ‘DMT’—is surely one of the strangest chemical substances found on our chemically rich planet. It is possibly the strongest of the plant hallucinogens (though Salvia Divinorum is definitely in the running) and even among veteran psychonauts it is spoken of with awe–gonzo drug theorist Terence McKenna used to say that the biggest danger of DMT is that a person could simply ‘die of astonishment’. For one thing, DMT is one of the relatively few drugs that can produce true hallucinations, defined as virtual experiences that are indistinguishable from reality. And DMT is nearly unique in that it consistently delivers one of the strangest experiences humans have—encounters with aliens. In Strassman’s study, 20% of those injected reported clear, detailed encounters with alien beings, all taking place in what the volunteers usually referred to as, ‘another dimension’. That is, after injection with DMT, 1 in 5 of Strassman’s subjects experienced entry into another plane of existence where they met aliens. Less formal ‘trip reports’ suggest that the ratio is much higher for those experimenting at home, and that the experience is even stronger when the drug is smoked rather than injected.

What’s astonishing about the alien encounters is that they are incredibly weird and yet remarkably consistent. Nearly all users report a strange ripping sound and intricate, radially-symmetric visual phenomena as they enter the DMT space. They then report meeting astounding machine-like elves that are able to transform themselves at will, and are also able to modify reality by means of a weird language—in his lectures, McKenna even used to replicate this language.

So what is going on here? Other psychedelics, like LSD or psilocybin, create different trips in different people. But this drug seems to fairly often create the same trip in different people, even in people who are very different from each other. The ayahuasca shamans of South America, for example, have used DMT for thousands of years… and often encounter aliens.

Could it be that these encounters are simply a mental fantasy created by this particular drug? Of course—humans know very little about the way hallucinogens work, largely because governments repress psychedelic studies.

But, could it be that DMT somehow precipitates a genuine trip to another dimension inhabited by self-transforming machine elves? Also of course—we know even less about aliens and other dimensions than we do about hallucinogens and brains.

For such an uncanny substance, DMT is astonishingly widely distributed and deserves the epithet ‘weed’ far more than, you know, weed. It’s found in many plant sources, including Canary Reed Grass… you’re probably within 100 feet of Canary Reed Grass right now. Go nuts.

Here is one more weird thing about DMT—you’re on it right now. Dimethyltryptamine is found in small quantities in all human brains, possibly produced by the pineal gland. Scientists speculate that DMT plays a role in dreams and near death experiences, and possibly in the mystical religious visions that periodically alter humanity’s course—the trip reports found in the Hebrew scriptures, for example, don’t sound all that different from some DMT visions. Damn hippies, as the Pharisees used to say.

All human problems are rooted in human consciousness, and DMT consistently delivers the most radical known expression of human consciousness… maybe we should keep looking into it.

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Carol McLeod 03.29.10 at 9:15 pm

I am looking for evidence that ancient peoples of the Americas connected with aliens through drugs in order to obtain access to scientific and technological knowledge.

It’s all over their art, but archaeologists seem to turn a blind eye.

I’d be interested in your comments and any references you could direct me to.

If the aliens are real, I’d like to communicate with them…I’m an old hippie, but in no shape to go off experimenting myself. I’m thinking folks must be writing about their experiences with aliens. I read some on the net years ago…I’d like to interview folks on the subject, maybe find someone who is willing to act as a go between….The big names in physics seem to be telling us the universe IS multidimentional…so why WOULDN’T there be aliens out there? I’ve heard they are like the Ferengi from the old Star Trek series, after trade goods and sex.

Thanks for your time.
Carol McLeod
Field Associate
Starfield Foundation

Marcel 09.02.10 at 4:52 pm

I ‘ve been interested in trying this for many years now. How do I find a way to take this journey?Is there a destination or source?

Angus 09.02.10 at 4:58 pm

They say that when the time is right, it will show up for you.

Also, try to work your way into shamanistic/pagan groups in your area, and be alert.


detrek jones 12.27.10 at 1:40 pm

In these trips have there been any reports of seeing other humans in these alternate dimensions? If no, that makes sense but my nxt question is has anyone been able to identify what their body looks like while on the trip. Do they still percieve themselves as humans or are they the same as the aliens they see?

Angus 12.27.10 at 1:44 pm

Detrek, I can’t recall any info on this – if I come across any, I’ll share it here.


love 12.29.10 at 11:22 pm

I have had many experiences with dmt and while I cant say I am sure I saw “aliens” there was something there behind the veil which you might call humanoid or with some sort of consciousness. I to this day believe my experiences with it have been some of the most important of my life and I will continue to reach its destinations when it is time for me to reach them. I encourage all people unless mental dilapidation restrains them to try it at least once. There is nothing like it and it is always refreshing where other psychedelics like lsd leave me exhausted dmt leaves me feeling as though I have woken from a comfortable and pleasant sleep. Be warned it is not necessarily a easy experience I think jarring is probably the best word. its funny its much like being woken from a dream and realizing you wont truly ever wake up

Antonio Perez 01.21.11 at 4:48 pm

I’m so glad that I accidentally found your site. I am installing the Theis theme for a friends site, and was googling for Thesis customizations when I found your site featured on another site.

In regards to DMT, I’m curious if you have seen The DMT Spirit Molecule documentary? I watched it on Christmas Eve and was totally blown away by it. There are a few of the people that were in the study commenting on their experiences, and it is narrated by Joe Rogan. If you haven’t seen it you really need to check it out.


Robert 02.24.11 at 4:03 am

All These so called “aliens” are evil spirits that infecting human’s mind. All human are effected by them one more others less, this is where all these ark, sad, negative, evil thoughts are coming from, this is why people are doing evil and later regret it, because they have been attacted and infected thru their minds. Our brain has area that connects to spiritual dimension and all these psychedelics help to open them. The evil spirits are weird and they maskarade them self as they want, so they can deceive a person. You can meet some very weird people and this is because their mind been infected by them weird evil spirits to alienate the man. Alienating is nothing good is opposite from unity. People should give up their stupid pride and all unite and not to try to stand out of the crowd in weird ways.
Now, poor hippies…they just constantly dream even when they wake up from sleep or trip they still dream, so called “day dreaming” they just let the wind blow them where it blows, they just drift thru the life and create even more dreams. this is why they don’t fight, this is why they so peacefull because they are passive about the life, they just closed their eyes to escape from reality and dream. Life is like a full on Ayhuasca trip, if you can hadle it by not being evil and afraid of rough reality, dont hide or run away then you made it! otherwise you just gonna go into dispair forever.

Angus 02.24.11 at 4:06 am

Thanks for sharing, Robert.

hurtt 02.25.11 at 5:06 am

everyone i’ve ever met that has taken dmt has mostly been unsuccesful and lazy that believe they are enlightened and don’t have a stake in reality. a way to make ppl complacent herds of cattle? i’d use it that way too.

Angus 02.25.11 at 5:15 am

Thanks for sharing.

Mea 03.09.11 at 6:38 am

Aloha E Angus,

I am currently writing a paper for my paranormal psychology class on DMT and the DMT-verse (as Cliff Pickover refers to the descriptions of the DMT trips in his book, Sex, Drugs, Einstein, & Elves). My class aims to educate psychology students on recognizing the fraud behind pseudosciences and many paranormal claims and mostly instill some skepticism within us, so that we don’t fall for just anything. I chose the topic of DMT to write about for my final paper and I am finding it difficult to articulate the claims about DMT so that I may discuss their validity, non-falsifiability etc., as I have not been able to find sources supporting the paranormal aspect, or rather the belief in the DMT-verse. Most of my sources discuss the alternate reality bit, but little about the “soul” or “spirit” part is discussed and not much is aimed in promoting that aspect. Most of my sources seem hesitant to try to debunk that belief, but they do give information that significantly denies the possibility of the claim to the best of scientific knowledge. They merely touch on the vague possibility of its truth, so, I was wondering if you knew of any sources that may give information/testimonials in support of the spiritualness aspect?

Mahalo Nui Loa,


Franklin 04.25.11 at 9:09 pm

How do we know that DMT is even connecting to the “soul” or “spirit” and talking to aliens or some other being. Joe Rogan himself said psychedelics have been lead to propaganda and we humans trip on what we’ve been told. So if you gave someone DMT that has never heard of it or known anything about it, what would happen? If you know any research on this I would love some feedback so we can all connect our research together for the better and none of this would be false theories. Thank you.

MaryJane 05.03.11 at 6:07 am

I am doing my school project on this drug, but no one has even heard of it. Im very excited.

Primal 06.24.11 at 2:31 am

Some interesting views here. DMT is so multi-faceted that it is very difficult to pin down, or form a rounded view of. One trip may be very visual, another based very much on emotions, another time you may meet entities. It is not just a doorway to the cosmos, but a doorway to inner self. Of course users should be careful how they read into these things, as trips can also be nonsensicle and flat out ridiculous. These things must be taken with a pinch of salt, although I am inclined to believe that it is a portal to other dimensions – including other dimensions of self.

Those who choose to believe in everything they see / experience may be led astray – as Robert suggested, but most who I have met who are into this type of thing are very grounded, and have a very sensible world view. All this nonsense about people not wanting to fight wars etc after smoking DMT may be because they realise that THAT IS NOT THE WAY TO CONDUCT YOUR LIFE. Many people will stop looking for material gain, and go on a more spiritual path after experimenting with DMT.

If you look at Shamanic cultures that use it, you will see that they have managed to do what Western civilisation has failed miserably at – living in harmony with nature, they get all of their food and medicine from the forest, and get much of their wisdom from their medicine – which is Ayahuasca, which they claim helps teach them which plants to use and how. It is easy to say that DMT will make you a drop out – it may do from a materialist, capitalist view, but from a spiritual viewpoint it can be VERY enriching. Think what you will, but this ‘drug’ is anything but evil.

Jack 07.20.11 at 7:30 pm


I have only recently had a taste of dmt, I can honestly say that it was by far the most revealing experience of my life.
I enjoyed reading this page including the comments.

Thank you

deborah 09.22.11 at 12:35 am

I have found this drug listed in my daughters room. I’m not happy. Show me something good it does to people.. thankyou

Jonathan G. 10.04.11 at 10:53 am

I have been using dmt for about a year now and i can say from experience that it has completely changed my prospective on life….iv been great distances and traveld to other places in the universe and even time traveld….and all that talk about seeing aliens and all that is no bullshit and yes seeing past relatives and other humans is possible, i have talked to a resently lost friend whom i never got to say my last words to and now i have talked to him and cleared everything up…DMT should NOT be illegal, as long as you dont freak out and just gentaly let it take you, you are all good (No bad trips)…this drug is amazing on other levels i cant even explain and to all the ppl who say its bad and can harm you lick balls!!

Kane Ramirez 10.23.11 at 11:58 pm

Hey, sorry to kill anyones beliefs here but my analysis of my own dmt trip was rather disappointing. i mixed it with marijuana which could be the source of my disappointment, and i aim to try a pure vapour asap. i found that instead of being confronted with other entities, it was like a intense connection to my other self, ie, my subconscious. it was my startling understanding that i was facing a whole other being, within my own head that i otherwise couldnt access. totally scramble sensual interactions were quite confronting, all the while secondary interactions with the outside world causing me to “taste” sounds were quite distracting. i want to experiment with different types of music, sounds, volumes and frequencies as sound seems to be the only sense that can permiate the trip. everything else is lost in a turbulent torent of, of, im not quite sure how to describe. its like a huge near instantanious expansion of the mental plane. will update further

Patrick 10.24.11 at 12:09 am


When Rick Strassman administered DMT to his 400 patients he didn’t tell them what they would be experiencing aside from stating it would be an extremely intense and visual experience. 20 percent of the test subjects went on to have entity contact experiences. This is what leads people to believe that DMT gives us access to an objective alien hyperspace. This is not definitive, but there hasn’t been enough research to rule out the possibility.

Personally, I think that the future is retroactively affecting the present. DMT trips are like a dance with the past. We will turn into these DMT aliens in a post-human, post-singularity existence and interact with our past selves to necessitate the events of our future. I haven’t done DMT yet, but I know it would be the most defining moment of my life.

Angus 10.24.11 at 6:52 am

Hello Jonathan, hello Kane; thanks for sharing to both of you!

Jonathan, I wish you well on your explorations.

Kane, I wouldn’t read too much into one trip, nor should you necessarily expect that you will have a particular experience. Shit happens, or doesn’t happen, you know?


Gibson 11.08.11 at 10:00 pm

I am completely fascinated with everything I’ve read about this chemical. I can not even begin to describe how much I look forward to trying it. With all the research I’ve done about DMT it has literally been stuck in my mind when i go to sleep at night. One morning i woke up and decided to write this song, hope you enjoy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-n2Yors0nXQ

Dan 12.03.11 at 5:45 pm

Where can i get my hands on some dmt?

Angus 12.03.11 at 6:46 pm

South America? There’s such a thing as drug tourism – maybe check out Reality Sandwich?

Dakoda 12.12.11 at 12:18 pm

man yall i want to do dmt so bad i literally stay up every night thinking about it and wake up the next morning doing the same thing. I want to do it so bad not only because of the fact that you have an amazing euphoria and or intense hulucinations but because i want to know my true place in this world and be at one with myself and everything else.

Don't worry 12.13.11 at 11:37 am

Since I was fourteen till I moved out west at age 19, I had always skated a specific plaza in NY. One day while skating this plaza a man who looked identical to my uncle was standing ontop of a ledge smoking a pipe with 3 pretty girls. I saw him and he saw me, when our eyes met he looked at me as if he knew me, I felt very comfortable around him, I nodded my head to let him know that I didn’t mind him smoking. He invited me over, now being 14 and being someone who hadn’t smoke much before I denied. Something about him drew me near him though, it was like my body said no but my head said yes. I eventually pulled my way over to him. When I got over to him he had told me that he was smoking D.M.T. I had never heard of it, I don’t and still don’t personally believe in aliens, I had never done acid, I had never been “spiritual” outside reading an orthodox bible and a few Edgar Cayce books my mother passed to me. He explained how it was made, what it was and told me that shaman and monks used this to mediate with. I decided to try it, I had been offered all kinds of drugs in my life but always decided no. For some reason my whole body tingled and I was just so comfortable around this man. I took one hit and held it. afterwards I heard a banging sound and then whatever allows me to see things in my head even when my eyes are closed and no light is being processed through my eyes to give me an image, shifted upwards and i can remember seeing the sky turn into a bubble almost, almost like looking through a tear drop or a bubble. After this my body felt really hot and everything went white. I couldn’t hear myself talk or anything sound it was just white. All the sudden I was looking at myself laying down and then I was back “inside my head”, I started speaking in a deep voice, basically a history lesson and I started saying some of the most interesting things that I cannot remember but everyone started hugging me and telling me it was ok. I got up and kept skating. I haven’t done any drugs since then besides acid, once, with a friend who has been with me since I was five. I am not claiming anything, I don’t know what happened or what anything is I can only speculate back into other forms of myself(u guys). I am actually trying to search how to make drugs from scratch so I can sell them because I am broke haha. I read someones comment about what would happen if you gave dmt to someone without ideas already in his head. I feel like I fit that bill about as best as you can. Whats weird for me is that I had never heard of anything on aliens or dmt or different dimensions until that day and now I feel as though all of it haunts me. small world big people. bye and love

anselm 02.09.12 at 11:11 pm

My experience looking at my body on DMT was terrifying. I remember looking over at my hand (in the few seconds before I was mechanically separated from my body) , where there was an infinitely complex grid in place of my skin and the matter inside had disappeared. The lines looked like they were made of pure energy. They were all colors at once. I couldn’t recognize my body as being connected to my self at all, it was completely alien to me.

Omega 02.28.12 at 4:36 pm

I made on oral DMT drink called Ayahuasca. It was the most amazing and terriffying experience of my life. I remember closing my eyes and being with this shape. I think maybe something like a Hyper cube. It was constantly shifting and moving, changing colours. I opened my eyes out of fear only to realize everything was very different. Everything looked shiny, almost, like diamonds. There was amazing Aura’s around everything I looked at, especially the full moon. There were waves of energy coming off all plants and trees around me. It was unlike anything I had ever experienced under the influence of Psylocibin or LSD. I closed my eyes again and reassured myself that this is just a drug, it will wear off. Once I was able to accept that things got really weird. There was an Aztec warrior made of mosaics that shattered himself with a sword. Then 2 bright red eyes begin to glow of of the dark. As the body began to take form, it looked almost like a Praying Mantis. It had its arms stretched out to the sides. There were silhouettes of people I know the amazing ever changing coloured lights behing them. As the intense visual aspect of the experience slowly subsided. I was left with an amazing after glow. I changed my whole look on life. I did not however, interact with any alien entities, or transforming machine elves.

Deffinitly worth a shot once. It was quite an amzing experience.

Stupid Dreamer 03.05.12 at 9:33 am

DMT is the chemical required to dream. To reconnect to the spirit plane, mother ship, whatever you want to call it. The soul can only survive so long in the body without reconnection. That’s why sleep is not optional. Downloading and an occasional reboot is not an option as long as you are in a physical body.

Rinaldo 03.07.12 at 11:07 am

DMT is an intensely interesting compound. Look up “indoles” to find out just how interesting the stuf is. I injected some that was synthesized by some brilliant chemist acquantances in I guess it was 1960 and the first experience was exactly like Alpert described, the “cosmic rainbow” but being young and not too awfully bright I thought to myself that was so amazing twice as much will be twice as amazing. And it was. It was also terrifying and exalting simultaneously. As you probably are aware the objective duration is about forty five minutes or thereabouts but the subjective duration was somewhere between a femtosecond and a few million years. However, when I achieved a soft landing I experienced one of the most amazing visuals of my whole life, as I sat down at a desk I saw before me a circle of faces, nobody that I recognized, slowly revolving in front of my eyes and for a very brief moment I had a “Eureka!!” experience, said to myself, “so that’s what it’s all about”. For about a month afterwards my view of reality shifted. For instance I thought it was the most amazing thing that inside the little construction on the subway platform where I bought my tokens there was a person inside and strangers would stop me on the street and engage me in conversation which in a city like Manhattan you must admit is a bit unusual. I didn’t meet any aliens during my trip but did catch a very brief glimpse of something that resembled “the Void” and that was the part that was the most terrifying and exalting.

Jon 04.01.12 at 10:06 am

I have yet to do DMT. I am stuck at a point in my life where I am not sure about my purpose and being. I live my life everyday the same, but different. My friend is getting a gram of DMT this week for him and I to try. He has done it once before, but I don’t think he broke the threshold completely. Anyways, I have been reading up on the effects of this drug, but after doing so, I kind of wish I knew nothing about it. I don’t want my experience to form itself from the information I hear.

Angus 04.01.12 at 10:08 am

Too late now.

Blake 04.19.12 at 1:30 pm

I experienced a very difficult childhood full of death and sexual abuse, which led me to some pretty heavy drug use. I’d heard rumors of DMT for years, but no one ever knew where or how to get it. Several months ago, I found some and tried it multiple times.

My first time, I must have done it incorrectly, because I hardly saw anything… just a colorful shimmering of everything around me… it was similar to the way those old red/blue 3D movies would look if you took off the glasses.

My second time, a friend and I smoked it together and my body felt as though I had done a cannon ball into a heavy fluid. I was submerged and could physically feel the pressure all around me. I closed my eyes and saw slowly moving kaleidoscopic patterns that reminded me of Buddhist mandalas… the rate of their oscillation increased exponentially until I was blinded by white light. The white light gave way to a cave-light space in which every square inch was covered with brilliantly colored shining jewels. The lack of visual contrast was very disorienting but eventually I was able to differentiate several beings inside the space with me. There were playful cat-like creatures who were very interested in children’s games and toys… they played chase with each other and myself… one of them pulled me aside and told me that while It recognized the friendship of the guy with whom I smoked, It and I were undoubtedly better friends, lol.
Soon I was whisked away to another series of patterns. This time it looked at though thousands of disembodied insect eyes were staring at me from all angles… imagine being inside a sphere with walls made of insect eyes. The eyes began to separate into different creatures until I recognized I was in a room with a few dozen new creatures that most closely resembled giant praying mantises. They surrounded me and inspected me in a rather intimidating manner. Then I noticed we were in room suspended beneath a globe… earth. A golden, glowing honey-like substance was dripping from the bottom of the globe and the praying mantises were scooping it up with their arms, raising it above their heads and allowing it to drip into their mouths. They were laughing with the gluttony of how much of it they had. One of the creatures explained to me that they feed off human energy… milking us like cattle. They said they were responsible for Christianity and that they would help those who followed it to transcend our mortal forms when we die. But they also said I should enjoy all the pleasures this life has to offer since I’m homosexual and won’t be contributing to their food source by procreating. That’s when I opened my eyes.

Now I was raised Christian, so my whole life I was taught homosexuality is a sin… an idea I concluded was illogical and not worth devotion many years ago. Was my experience with the mantises a manifestation of my rejected upbringing or should I believe what they told me? It was a difficult experience for me to integrate into my understanding of this reality, but I’ve since determined that perhaps it was my subconscious asking me to reexamine my sexuality. I now feel that my homosexuality could very well have been a product of the sexual abuse I endured as a child and I have become much more receptive and aware of my attraction to women.

I should also note, after smoking DMT, I’ve lost any and all interest in my exploration of other drugs. They’ve all lost appeal to me. Which leads me to believe it could be a useful tool in treating drug addiction.

I’ve done DMT several other times since my experience with the cats and mantises, but none have left such an impact. And I’ve seen other creatures than the two described previously… I’ve also seen something that resembled a two dimensional swirling joker card, as if someone cut up a joker card and spun the pieces around like an aerial view of a hurricane. It distinctly reminded me of the card soldiers in Alice and Wonderland.

Each experience was also very enlightening in the sense that the entities would make me engage in an unhealthy thought process I often have, then they would break it apart and show me why that thought process was harmful to me and others and then it would dissipate as if I were to never think in that unhealthy manner again… this happens over and over again every time I’ve taken DMT. Another time, we listened to music by Massive Attack and it was as if the entities were painting and designing with the music. It’s so hard to explain, but it was incredible to behold.

I highly suggest experimentation with DMT. If your experiences are like mine and many others, you’ll learn quite a bit about yourself.

Angus 04.19.12 at 1:33 pm

Thanks Blake – great story.

Johann 08.04.12 at 7:55 pm

Absolutely inspiring story @ Blake.

I have just been researching DMT for the last month or so after a dissapointing salvia experience (underdosed I suppose). I am also pretty much just in search of self exploration or/ getting to know myself better..

It feels like I lost touch with myself or the person i am supposed to be about a decade ago, when I started getting into drugs/ booz and general unacceptable behaviour as a teenager. I still smoke weed daily and I see it as a problem, but I feel like I lack the character to stop or slow down. I know it’s not one of those drugs that have me become nausius for 2 days before I get paid. And its not just my mental crutches that I want to work out, but also childhood issues and stuff i dont really remember, but it feels like it may be what keeps me back. I have quit basically everything else I was on (Chrystal meth, Khat, and generally anything that gives me a buzz) but would like to enjoy/ appreciate actual reality more than I currently do.

I am not looking for a quick fix myself and i know that nothing is ever ass good as it may seem so I am still just researching all kinds of ways to get to know myself, bring out my true nature (which is a very caring, compassionate person I believe). I just want to generally be happier and more content..

Totally amped to try it out, will be extracting some in the next 2weeks so I will provide some feedback once its done =)

Angus 08.05.12 at 7:08 am

Thanks for sharing, Johann, and good luck whatever path you take on. For some reason I feel obligated to point out that there are other ways, besides drugs, to attain self-knowledge; meditation, counseling, yoga, to name a few.


Jim 08.21.12 at 9:57 am

I’ve been fascinated by this substance for quite some time. I recently HAD the opportunity to try it but admittedly wimped out. I’m not too sure I want to take a deep trip inside myself. I scare myself already.

Now, if I can be reasonably assured that I won’t end up in a psycho ward, rocking back and forth I would love to try some.

I, like everybody else is searching for a deeper meaning – a reconnection.

I am not materialistic and find absolutely NO spiritual satisfaction in all the fancy gadgets I’ve collected.

What scares me most about DMT is ‘the answers’. I had an experience years ago that I can only describe as ‘supernatural’ – I met my ‘soulmate’ in 1989, but blew it all to hell because of the way I reacted to it, and how badly I treated it. I still carry around the weight of this loss. I wouldn’t want to relive it, but would love to be healed from losing it. Can DMT help?

Angus 08.21.12 at 10:05 am

“Can DMT help?”

Jim, I don’t know, and I don’t think anyone really knows. It’s a drug that delivers a powerful experience, and there is not much to be said beyond that. From what you write, it seems like there are plenty of other non-drug things to try first.


Greg 09.03.12 at 8:02 pm

I think there’s one quote that sums it up. “Load universe into cannon. Aim at brain. Fire.”

Angus 09.12.12 at 6:11 am

Seems unnecessarily harsh.

Nick Hubbard 07.16.13 at 7:47 pm

Oh DMT, the blood of God. Yes, you are aware of who you are when your out of your body, its just you have the choice to flow at peace, and enjoy the new dimension ( enhanced version of reality ) that your seing. Or think about yourself. The idea of anything dark or evil will run from you. Yes you can look at yourself. And yes you can communicate with Jesus until he decides to put you back. Its not worthy of words, so I wont go there. Just know pure love, loves you. And Dmt offers god the chance to bring you to his glory. Humans cannot do that in our bodily form due to punishment for adam and eve. But in the realm he waits. Thats why hes always watching. You just cant see what your not allowed to.

Angus 07.16.13 at 8:01 pm

Huh. Thanks for sharing, Nick.